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Income Tax Calculator
Ashkon Software LLC
Income Tax Calculator is a program that estimates your federal income tax for the years 2000-2016 and finds your...
...tax calculation based on filing status, average tax option that calculates average tax...
Stock Calculator
As its name clearly says, Stock Calculator is a tool meant to help you perform calculations...
...performing your stock calculations you can additionally ...and various other tax rates and percentages...
SFR Calculator
SFR Software GmbH
SFR Calculator is a program that will let you perform many calculations with your computer and save them to view and analyze...
...what you are calculating. The program' ...components separately. SFR Calculator only supports two...
Salary Calculator EG
Salary Calculator EG can be used to calculate the net salary and all mandatory deductions...
...can be used to calculate the net salary ...income tax in Egypt. Present version of the calculator has...
Sales Tax Calculator
SJW Computer Resources
Sales Tax Calculator is a simple calculator that adds or deducts a pre-set percentage from an amount entered. You...
Sales Tax Calculator is a simple calculator that adds or ...sale amount with Tax included or the...
Ucka - Accountant on-line euro calculator
Accountant on-line euro calculator is a online calculator connected to internet used to counts prices...
...euro calculator is a online calculator connected to ...currency euro),calculate of tax(on click...
True Tax Calculator 2005
TrueLogic Softwares
True tax Calculator 2005 is an Income tax calculator for the Assessment Year 2005-06., specially designed...
True tax Calculator 2005 is an Income tax calculator for ...for Indian Income-Tax payers [Individuals]...
Tax Brackets Estimator
Ashkon Software LLC
Tax Brackets Estimator is a tax planning tool. Tax Brackets Estimator displays your...
...status. Key Features: calculates your federal tax due , finds your...
AcQuest Tax Penalty And Interest Evaluator
Designed to run on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7, the AcQuest Tax Penalty &...
...& Interest Evaluator will calculate federal tax penalties and interest for...
W-4 Calculator 2010
CFS Tax Software, Inc.
The software calculates Federal only and the other calculates Federal and California income taxes and allowances...
...taxable income and calculates required withholding allowance ...major tax preparation programs
Corporation Tax Manager
Just some of the ways Corporation Tax Manager will make your job easier: - Performs...
Taxshield’s Corporation Tax Manager calculates the corporation tax liabilities of UK companies...
Salary Sacrifice Calculator
The NTAA's 2011 Salary Sacrifice Calculator (SSC) has been revamped and now interacts with the NTAA's...
...Calculator (“SSC”) has been developed so that accountants and tax ...Salary Sacrifice Calculator (SSC)...
LoanSpread Financial Calculator
Wheatworks Software, LLC
Compare 135 loans at once with LoanSpread Financial Calculator and drill down to see a loan...
...Principal, Interest, Taxes and Insurance) ...Financial Calculator is a financial calculator designed...
EasyAs Income Tax
Income Tax Calculator and Estimator. Whether you only want a quick estimate...
...am I? How do I calculate the tax when I have different ...to the What IF Calculator that enables you...
Tax Apportionment Calculator
Tangihua Technology Limited
In the Tax Type panel, the first option (on the left of the panel) relates to the direct tax option...
...when the Calculate button in clicked ...Tax settings for the purpose of the apportionment calculation...
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